God's Messenger: Pastor Annie Louise
Executive Director's Welcome,

Welcome to Tree House Music Education Program.  THME was created in 2012 for the youth of Boston/Lynn MA and surrounding communities.


I believe learning music is as necessary as reading, writing and arithmetic.  It becomes part of a child's life, as children often have the need to express his/her self, through an art form that is as unique and individual as they are.


We all have a very important role to play, and when we work together the result is a positive and rewarding experience as we "Teach Children Through Music."



Pastor Annie Belmer

Pastor Annie L. Belmer
Founder/Executive Director

Program Director: Barbara Williams-Davis

Barbara A. Davis

Program Director

Our Mission

"Every child comes to our world with musical ability". THME mission is to advance music education by encouraging the study of music notation and music theory while learning to play the piano.


"Teaching Education Through Music"

Program Goals
  • To provide knowledge of music through hands on practice, and performances.


  • To provide an environment that promotes and encourages life-long learning of the piano.


  • To develop discipline, sensitivity, ability to focus, ability to analyze and solve problems, in addition to the joy of making music.